Brand signage: Doing it right to earn more benefits

Paula Mcbride | March 5, 2019 | 0 | Business Services

The signage Brisbane brand companies create can make a difference to any business. Done right, it can increase awareness, credibility, and loyalty.


Why do you think people line up to get their hands on the latest iPhone? It doesn’t even matter if they have to start queuing at dawn. The goal is to get their hands on the latest model because Apple branding and marketing is so effective.


So, imagine what your company can achieve with the right Brisbane signage. Combine that with other marketing tools, including social media, and your business can draw more clients too.


Signage Brisbane: Is it worth investing in?


It draws customer attention.


Placed in crucial and strategic areas, it will draw the attention of passersby and passing motorists. Research show that 45% of new customers often visit a shop because they saw signage. Designed for your target market, you will capture a number of deals that you would have missed had you not put up signage.


It enhances brand presentation.


Constant and direct exposure to your brand will make it memorable. Even if someone doesn’t need the products you sell right this minute, the moment they do, they will remember that signage you have. Done by experts in logo design and branding, that cheap signage Brisbane companies offer will stand out and bring clients to your door. You’re sure to get more than what you paid for.


It promotes your brand.


But more than just promoting your brand, it also serves as a tool to generate more sales when you use it to promote a product or service, discount blowout, and other great deals. It can be used to tell prospects of achievements your brand has made and convert them.


To ensure success, there are certain things you need to remember.


Mistakes to avoid when using signage in Brisbane


Placing signage in the wrong location


According to a study, the most important visual communication elements are signs, but they only work when placed in a proximate location to your place of business, so people living nearby will shop in your store. Onsite signage, on the other hand, tells clients that your business really exist.


Wrong size of signage


Bigger isn’t always better. Where signs are concerned, there are factors to consider:


  • Size restrictions in the area where you will install the signage
  • Rules on what you can and cannot display
  • Lettering and readability
  • How close or far you want the signage to be read.


Using the wrong style and design


  • There’s a reason why signage is considered an art.
  • The colour of the letters must stand out against the background colour.
  • Letters should be spaced out properly.
  • Classic fonts are best for easy-to-read signage.
  • Negative space and letters should have the right balance.


Work with signage professionals


With so many things to consider, it is best to leave signage to experts. The right professionals will consider every aspect of your brand, collaborate with you, and then combine your visions with their expert skills and knowledge to create the most effective signage. You can bet that you’ll gain the benefits of this awesome marketing material with their help.

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