Clay pigeon shooting 101: Finding an automatic clay target thrower

Paula Mcbride | March 17, 2019 | 0 | E-commerce

Tired of shooting stationary targets? Purchase an automatic clay target thrower and enjoy shooting clay pigeons in any place you want!

These are traps that could throw clay pigeons automatically, making it unnecessary for you to assign a friend to throw the targets. However, you need to buy the best one, so you can have an automatic thrower that will truly fit your skills.

clay target thrower

Read on and know some of the most important features you should find in an automatic thrower.

What features to find when looking for a clay target thrower to buy?

You already have your air rifles or a favoured handgun. All you need now is to look for the best automatic clay pigeon thrower, so you can start having fun right away.

Consider these features to find:

Durable and stable

Find an automatic clay pigeon thrower that’s durable enough, preferably steel, so it could withstand various outdoor elements. You’ll be probably shooting under varying weather conditions, and you don’t want your trap to malfunction because of heat and rain.

Stability is another related factor, since you don’t want your clay pigeon thrower to fall on its own weight whilst you’re shooting targets. Clay pigeon shooting requires continuous shooting, and you don’t want to stop just to reposition the trap.

Easy to use and assemble

It’s also important to look for an automatic clay target thrower that’s easy to assemble and operate. Especially if you ought to use it from one area to another, it should not give you a hard time reassembling.

Right performance

Different clay pigeon throwers offer different levels of performance too.

If you’re a beginner in target shooting, probably you’ll be fine with an entry level thrower. After all, you’ve probably just spent significant bucks for rifles, ammo, and a gun safe for sale, thus making it quite impractical for you to purchase a high-performing thrower.

On the other hand, if you’re already a seasoned shooter, entry-level clay pigeon throwers would easily bore or annoy you. Thus, buy a thrower that has high performance, accuracy, and could give you the challenge you want.

Angle adjustment

Next, find an automatic clay target thrower that has sufficient angle adjustment features. This could let you control the angle or level of the clay pigeon, helping you enjoy clay pigeon shooting the way you want it.

Additional perks and deals

Finally, it wouldn’t hurt to look for automatic throwers with additional perks. For example, some brands offer guiding rods and extra batteries, and some cover their products with excellent warranties as well.

These are a few of the features you should find whilst looking for an automatic thrower to buy, so you can have an enjoyable clay pigeon shooting afterwards. In addition, make sure to purchase one of the top brands that many shooters trust as well, just like the traps or throwers at

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